If you are looking to work in any industry that involves the retail sale of alcohol, SPA Training (UK) Ltd can help you or your employees qualify for the required personal licence. Or perhaps you are keen to assess and address your environmental impact?

The Award in Environmental Principles and Best Practice brings a number of potential benefits including lowering costs through reduced waste and utility costs, reducing liabilities and access to new markets and investors.

Our Specialist Course Includes:

HABC L2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (NCPLH)

1 day inc exam - From £85 pp


1 Day inc exam

The Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders is a qualification aimed at anyone working in or preparing to work in any industry that involves the retail sale of alcohol. It is a pre requisite for anyone who wishes to hold a personal licence. Persons gaining this qualification will be aware of the requirements of Licensing Act 2003 and the specific duties of a personal licence holder in relation to the law. It is a legal requirement for anyone wishing to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol by retail to be a personal licence holder.

The qualification is based on the Level 2 National Occupational Standards developed by People 1st the Sector Skills Council for the Hospitality Industry, and Skillsmart Retail the Sector Skills Council for the Retail Industry.

The qualification can be taken as free standing qualification or as part of a wider programme of training.Guided learning hours for this qualification are approximately 6-9 hours depending upon the mode of study and the training needs of the candidates.Candidates must have undertaken a course of instruction approved by HABC and covering the syllabus prior to taking the examination.

L2 Award in Environmental Principles & Practice

1 day inc exam

This qualification has been created to provide an awareness of key environmental concepts and an introduction to environmental management systems.

Who needs this qualification?

All members of staff whose activities could have a significant impact on the environment or supervisors or managers who are being introduced to environmental issues for the first time.

Why is this training important?

Environmental issues impact on every organisation. The rising costs of energy and raw materials, growing awareness of stakeholders and increasing environmental legislation are forcing organisations to address their own environmental performance.

Many organisations have identified that tackling environmental issues can bring benefits to their business including reduced waste and utility costs, reduced liabilities and access to new markets and investors. Learning outcomes identify primary local and global environmental impacts of their organisation, understand key terms and definitions of pollution.

Learn basic principles, key concepts and importance of environmental law. Identify the link between their jobs and a range of environmental impacts. Understand business benefits of adopting an environmental management system, identify key issues related to energy use and carbon management, waste minimisation, water use, pollution and emergency planning.

Duration: One-day

Assessment: Multiple choice examination

Ofqual Accredited

Prerequisite: None